Plastic Machinery Loans

Industry overview

The Indian plastics industry has made tremendous strides in the past few decades and holds the status of being one of the leading sectors across the country with a very sizable base. The Industry has gained importance in almost every sphere of activity and per capita consumption has risen dramatically. Continuous developments in expertise, processing machinery, cost-effective manufacturing and polymer technology are rapidly taking over conventional techniques and materials, creating a need for plastic machinery finance.

Current industry

India’s share in the plastic production industry is nearly 0.5% of the GDP. The export of plastic products also contributes nearly 1% of the country’s total exports. This sector comprises of a large number of small-scale firms that account for over 50% of the industry turnover by opting for finance for plastic moulding machines. Currently, the Indian plastics industry is spread across the country, employing about 0.4 million people and over 2,000 exporters. The fixed assets of the plastic processing industry make up approximately INR 100 billion of the investment, and it operates more than 30,000 processing units, of which 85% to 90% are small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Expected growth

There are several facets like manufacturing focus, availability of feedstock, low per capita consumption, developing urbanization, end-use industry growth, demographic dividend, changing lifestyles etc. that demand the growth of the plastics industry across India ultimately boosting the plastic moulding financing. With transitioning lifestyles, aspirations and income levels, the rise in the food processing sectors is anticipated to be very high. As plastics are predominantly used for packaging such products, their demand is also expected to grow. The Indian plastics industry is expected to grow 2.5 times in the next eight years to ensure a planned target of 20 kg per head by 2020.

EFL Contribution

Plastic is one of the most crucial raw materials used for multiple industrial and high-end automobiles, household appliances and hi-tech space shuttles. Considering this fact, EFL aims to contribute by offering SMEs active in plastics the chance to grow and expand by providing plastic machinery finance options that help them operate smoothly and efficiently while focusing on result-driven actions.

Machines we finance

  • Injection plastic moulding machines
  • Plastic blow moulding machines
  • Stretch blow moulding machines
  • Extrusion machines
EFL serves as a source of plastic machinery finance to help your company spurt drastically!