Woodworking Machinery Loans

Industry overview

The woodwork industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in India’s economy. India possesses over 200,000 artisans and nearly 100,000 registered woodwork units, besides an incalculable number of indigenous units in this sector. Wood has always been a prime part of Indian handicrafts and the country takes pride in manufacturing beautiful woodwork, furniture and art in unending cultural and modern motifs.

Current industry

The furniture market is the second largest wood processing segment after timber and log production in India, and is fast becoming a market for premium and sought-after imported products. This industry has already crossed INR 5,000 crore in sales and is growing at 10% to 20% per annum. The total annual demand for timber and furniture in India is estimated at US $ 1.25 billion, of which about 90% is for wooden products. The export of wood and wood products from India has crossed US$ 453 million (2010-11) with a continued growth rate of 20%. Besides this, India has also set up more than 3,000 woodworking units, a figure that is consistently rising.

Expected growth

Indian wooden handicrafts have a diverse ethnic and cultural heritage and engage a wide range of techniques, styles and themes. Their uniqueness of design has been adapted to both conventional and ultramodern styles, and is sought after in architecture as well as furniture manufacture. In recent years, India has also gained worldwide attention for its embedded brass wirework (tarkashi). Because of its wide and exotic appeal, the Indian woodwork industry is certain to continue to take greater leaps in the global market.

EFL contribution

EFL envisions providing SMEs in the Indian woodworking industry with the Financial support for Machinery Purchase enabling the industry to compete successfully in the global marketplace while exploring new avenues and partnerships.

Machines we finance

Saw machine

  • Panel saw
  • Beam saw

CNC machines

  • CNC Processing Centers
  • CNC Router
  • CNC Machining Centers


  • Lamination & Pressing Machines
  • Edge Banding Machines
  • Beam Processing Stations
EFL lets your company have all the required services, technologies, facilities, machineries andassistance to get that competitive edge in the woodworking industry!