Prashant Shete

Samarth Engg. Services

"We consider them as a strong partner to help us in growing our business significantly in the future."

Prashant Shete, Samarth Engg. Services

I am Associated with EFL since June 2006. Their fast processing method, pro-activeness allowed us to generate 10 agreements within these 7 yrs. And we used to purchase new machinery in every 6 months. We consider them as a strong partner to help us in growing our business significantly in the future.

Deepak Arora

JMD Color Scan Pvt. Ltd.

"EFL understand our requirement very well & provide us with a financial solution that is viable & at a better rate of interest."

Deepak Arora, JMD Color Scan Pvt. Ltd.

EFL understand our requirement very well & provide us with a financial solution that is viable & at a better rate of interest. This positive attribute of good services has promoted us in making a quicker decision of Xerox 1000 machine.

Anil Panchal

Brahmani Engg., Baroda

"Our mantra of success has been customer satisfaction. we do everything in our power to ensure their customers are delighted."

Anil Panchal, Brahmani Engg., Baroda

We all have dreams but only few of dare to take risk. This is my story, like and share, if you feel inspired! I’ve been in this business for the last 20 years and I’m going strong. It wasn’t an easy journey for me at the beginning. I belong to a lower middle class family and times were unsavory back then because of which I quit studying after my 10th and started working in an engineering firm.

Over a period of time, I diligently followed how the operators worked and learned a great deal just by observing them. I worked there for a year and a half and then pursued my education further. I gave my 12th and joined the same company again as an apprentice (Intern).

Hasmukhbhai Patel

Airflow Ventilation, Gujarat

"I was always passionate about starting on my own, and today I have over 20 employess with a turnover of 40 Lakhs."

Hasmukhbhai Patel, Airflow Ventilation, Gujarat

Before venturing in to business, I worked in an MNC, which dealt in producing and selling ventilation products. I was always passionate about starting on my own and so I took over a business, which was already in a joint venture in Gujarat. We were dealers of spare parts at that point of time.

Since my profile demanded a very hectic travel schedule to various cities in India, I explored for other opportunities in Gujarat. My family, my wife in particular was homesick and was ailing as well. We decided to move back to Gujarat and venture on my own.

Dilip Satishchandra Karekar

Satish Industries, kolhapur

"To enhance the experience & growth of our business, we make use of cutting edge technology, which accelerates our business."

Dilip Satishchandra Karekar, Satish Industries, kolhapur

I started my business in 1980 after completion of my diploma in mechanical engineering. During the early stages of my business, we started with rented machines and rented premises. We moved to the fabrication business in 1989. After shifting the line of business, we realized every business should evolve and automation is a must to sustain in this industry, which has a cut-throat competition.

So in 2003-04, with the help of EFL, we purchased 4 machines that transformed our business from the conventional method to automated method and enhanced the quality of output.

Raku Ravi

Pravin Plastics, Chennai

"Due to high service level and uncompromising quality, my business grew ten folds in the last few decades."

Raku Ravi, Pravin Plastics, Chennai

After completing my engineering, I worked as a chief engineer in a molding company. Having worked diligently for a few years, I was able to aptly apply the theoretical knowledge I acquired while studying, into my work. This led to my company felicitating my hard work by gifting me a bike. Now this was a moment of pride for me and I cherished it for quite some time. I was enjoying my work however, I always envisaged myself as an entrepreneur.

So in 1985, I ventured in to my own business. Every business is capital intrusive and while I wanted to inject some funds in to my business, I realized I could do that by selling off my bike and buy a bicycle instead. The funds I received helped me set up my business in the initial phase.

Narendrabhai Bhimijayani

Riddhi Siddhi Cable Corporation , Rajkot

"We are always focused on quality, delivery and cast-iron after sales service which have been the quintessence of our success story."

Narendrabhai Bhimijayani, Riddhi Siddhi Cable Corporation , Rajkot

Prior to starting my own business, I was working Delhi in the cable manufacturing industry. After gaining enough exposure and knowledge in this industry, I decided to start on my own. Therefore in 2009, I started my business in Rajkot with a small investment. We started with a workforce of 3 people and installed 1 fully functional machine.

In the initial stages, I faced a huge competition in Rajkot since there were 30 well-established cable manufacturers existent already. So, after completion of the first successful year, in 2010, I approached EFL for a loan. EFL provided me my first loan to procure an additional machine for production.